5 Signs Your Messaging Isn’t Working

True or false?…
How you’re showing up on your socials is sabotaging your revenue. Well, let’s find out! Here are 5 signs your messaging isn’t working for you —

  1. Little to no engagement
    → When your audience is engaging with your content, it’s a way to receive feedback on what resonates with them. What they want to see more of and how they like to learn from you. → Instead…ask them. A great way to understand what your target audience likes to see without engagement is asking a simple question…Do you prefer content related to fitness or nutrition? Do you like long knowledgable captions or live training videos?
  2. You’re not booking calls for your program
    → This one should be obvious, but often times we give our launch plan too much time to start working. You should start booking calls right away after starting a promo cycle if your messaging has been priming your prospects for a while. → A top reason why you’re not booking calls for your coaching program may be no one knows it exists or you’re not asking for the call when in the DMs.
  3. You’re not converting prospects to clients even with a ton of booked calls.
    → This could be due to delivery on the call and not necessarily the clients willing to buy. In P3, we provide our clients with a system that can use to not just book the call but keep clients excited before they hop on the call and throughout the call itself. → Also, people buy because of emotion. Make sure you are tapping into their emotions on the call as well.
  4. Your target market can’t afford you.
    → Labeling an entire target market as “not ideal” may be necessary. If you are targeting a community that are struggling to put food on the table with a $500 program that might not be the best use of your time and energy. → Instead of eliminating this target market, you can fund a project to provide fitness coaching programs to those who can’t afford to pay out of pocket. And then focus your messaging on a community that can afford your services.
  5. Low client retention
    → Your coaching program should work FOR your marketing, NOT against it. If you are delivering on your promise, then not only will your clients get amazing results but you will also have social proof that you can add to your messaging. → Clients always come first. Focus on delivering on your promise and driving up client success. So, is your messaging working for you?? If not, then it’s time to reassess… If you have no idea where to start & want guidance, click here to join my free training on how to get more excited, loyal leads & convert them to high paying clients!

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