The Unexpected Fitness Coach

I am the UNEXPECTED fitness coach….

Let me explain.

When I first started my business so many people said it would never work out since I wasn’t the skinny chick. What should have torn me down it instead hyped me up!! Thankfully I didn’t let it stop me.

A few years ago I ran a paid fitness challenge for a large facebook group for black women who want to workout. I had created it as a way to give a low cost opportunity to my community. I got soooo much great feedback. They were literally waiting for this opportunity.

But it wasn’t all rainbows and rose petals. There were ladies who thought I was charging for the challenge because I was broke. (Even though I was running a profitable business while working full time making a substantial income working in a career that earned me $167k a year.) I even received an email from a fake account that said how dare I charge for fitness coaching services when I needed a fitness coach myself. Then they deleted their account after sending the email.

This lit me up!

Ya’ll I was so mad and angry not because I was being bad mouthed by ignorant people but that they were going lengths to prove my negative thoughts right.

Thankfully, I did not let that stop me. I went live and read the email out loud. I received so much support that I knew this was just something I had to overcome to bring my value to the market. I knew I had to create a successful fitness coaching business WHILE I was still working toward my own body goals not just for my clients who wanted a coach who simply GOT them but also for future fitness coaches that would have let emails and comments like the ones I received stop them from living in their purpose and their passion.

A few weeks later, I launched Catch Flights & Fitness. I had a few clients join the program from that challenge too. One of which was a woman who went on to lose 40 lbs and 11.5 inches off her waist. Another one who was struggling to find consistency in working out while raising 1 year old twins SOLO! Another one who was battling generational trauma that showed up as a body dysmorphia and a bad relationship with food after dieting at a very young age.

I was an unexpected fitness coach. I battled with imposter syndrome regularly. But I never let it stop me from bringing my purpose and my passion to the market. And I want my unexpected fitness coaches to know you were given this mission for a reason. Lock arms with someone who can help you fulfill it and don’t look back.

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