What An Online Fitness Coaching Program Looks Like…

When talking to my desired clients, I used to feel…

  • uncertain
  • anxious
  • unorganized
  • like I was just winging it

So I stopped talking to them all together….

I wasn’t really confident about what I was asking them to join anyway. I knew I could change their life with my program. I knew if I showed them what I did to lose 50 lbs they could do it too. But I was struggling to find the way to convey the value inside of my fitness coaching program and how to structure it to maximize their success.

So I hosted workshops, free trainings. I spent a ton of money on boosted posts. I spent a ton of time on launches for quick cash offers just to get some revenue in….but none of those things solved my real issue.

It wasn’t until I learned more on what an online fitness coaching program looked like that I started to feel more confident in pitching my business.

I was so out of alignment with what my offer was and who I wanted to offer it to that I was offering it to no one & it was sabotaging my business.

Now I have a clear launch strategy that not only gives me ease and flow on what my next step is but also allows me to make educated pivots. And better yet, my prospects and clients know what their next steps are.

Having inconsistent marketing strategies or unorganized offers is actually very common, especially for online fitness coaches.

But you don’t have to stay that way.

Here are 4 strategies for balancing your offers as a new coach —

→ Start with a high ticket coaching program:
As a new fitness coach, you are going to need clients who are committed to the journey and to your program. When they invest in their health & fitness, they will not only be more likely to adhere to your coaching program but this will also benefit your business by providing you with testimonials that can attract more serious clients in the future!

→ Create a free offer such as a Facebook community:
Not everyone is going to be able to afford your program offer and that is ok! A free community allows them the opportunity to still get value until they are ready to commit to your higher cost program. This is also a great way to nurture leads who don’t know, like or trust you just yet that may become clients in the future.

→ Launch a paid fitness challenge that attracts your high ticket clients:
This a great way to break into your niche with authority. Your prospects will get a taste of your coaching methodology and you’ll gain the confidence you need to pitch your offer. And more testimonials!

→ Get in the DMs!
Listen Linda… if you are not in the DMs with your prospective clients then how do you expect them to know like and trust you. Scared you’re giving away too much value in the DMs? Awesome! Now pitch the call. If you’ve already identified their goals, their challenges, and gave value, stop waiting for them to hop in your lap and join your program and give them a personalized invite!

If you find yourself feeling disorganized and anxious with your business, know that you’re not alone and you don’t have to keep feeling this way!

What other questions do you have when it comes to creating structure in your online fitness coaching business?

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